I want to know you, breathe in you.
You in all your moody swells and multiple personalities are mesmerising.
You have cradled me forever, rocking me while I lie on you, plunge inside you, lose my breath in you and burn my lungs loving you for too long.
I feel safe with you and I know that is wrong.
I lie when I tell the world you won’t hurt me; that I trust you. You could hurt me most cruelly, but I need you more than you need me and that is how it will always be.
I hid from you as a child. Your power shocked me. Your force was ferocious. I feared you and loved you with the exuberance of youth because you fed the thirst of my soul.
My fear dissolved into adoration and a lust to be with you stronger than I had ever felt for any mountain or waterfall or desert night sky.
Unlike me, you will never die.
I grew into you, learnt to know your unpredictable nature. I went as far as I could go with you, deeper, deeper, deeper. Still there was more, more, more of you to explore.
Like a beast that wants to kiss and kills instead, you are what you are and what you are I adore.
You hold the evolution of the world in the memory of your belly.
You run with the moon, reflecting the stars and for all your mystery and colour and beauty and glow, I give you my heart, my whole.
Your depth, your expanse, your wonder are surpassed only by space, but here in this world you are the taste, the smell, of life.
The smell of the blood that cushions the foetus.
The sound of happiness.
You are the ultimate contradiction: a beautiful killer, a dangerous lover, the beginning of the story and the story itself.
You are the music of the world recorded in brine.
You are death, you are life, the ocean, the sea.
You are the amniotic fluid holding the history of humanity.

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4 Responses to Ocean

  1. Batty says:

    Wow! Unconditional love in its deepest, most beautiful form!

  2. Herrin says:

    This is great. Very expressive and evocative use of language.

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