the woman might evaporate
if she gets the chance
this could end at any point
and that crawling dance
that creeps across her belly
will return once more
like acid raining into her
until she is just a hole
that has been well and truly

the belly ache is rising
the cold air on her cheeks
will not take away the doubt
the burns on her feet
hurt less than this hurt
if she loses his love
she won’t find it again
she is scared to be alone
her disintegration
is all her own

why look for love?
when it never lasts
permanence is an illusion
as much as love
as much as his tongue
if he tests her strength
she will not come
she’ll just evaporate
stay sheltered from the howling winds
the heart-wrenching waves

without him she won’t shrivel
she won’t wither
she will wake up in the night
and as she pisses on his picture
floating in the toilet bowl
she will sleep naked and alone
without his farting ass
to soil her satin sheets
and she will smile
after she weeps

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4 Responses to Evaporation

  1. Arp says:

    Highly personal and evocative language. You are a word smith.

  2. Romaine says:

    Beautiful…….and made me smile 🙂

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