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black creatures crawl in and out of your mind you are a hostage of the worst kind the prize, the saddest prize will be won when you die and your desolate soul is free and you leave behind your tiny … Continue reading

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Time is quick, we savour the kiss. I plead with you, raping the mood. Come to me
, be what I need, 
clutching the bones 
of old and new. Fear swells while I pick flowers. Trust strays
 with tentative words. Tense … Continue reading

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wishes drift into the wind if not planted deeply in soil a light beam, once a star fades before night falls we unwrap our cool white skins by the autumn afternoon fire that crackles in the dark room desire tempts … Continue reading

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soft like sand his sound strong and grand my sun he plays my beat my flesh unwinds inside his hands so sweet you are mine he said tempting me those chocolate eyes those lover’s lips slip deep inside burning me … Continue reading

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the woman might evaporate if she gets the chance this could end at any point and that crawling dance that creeps across her belly will return once more like acid raining into her until she is just a hole that … Continue reading

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I want to know you, breathe in you. You in all your moody swells and multiple personalities are mesmerising. Terrifying. You have cradled me forever, rocking me while I lie on you, plunge inside you, lose my breath in you … Continue reading

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Well my shoes, you know
I never wore them in the end
And my feet, were fine
Just to take me to my friends
To talk

Just to take me to my friends Continue reading

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