black creatures crawl
in and out of your mind
you are a hostage
of the worst kind
the prize, the saddest prize
will be won when you die
and your desolate soul is free
and you leave behind
your tiny toys in a line
on the windowsill
above the debris
of your lonely life
while David Bowie’s starry eye
mocks you from the cover
of your favourite record
you dare to dream of being
a rock god like me?
a rock god? ha!
that, my friend
you will never be

no time is won for kindness
no lives are lost without gain
I fear you will die alone on a road
you hoped would deliver you
far from your pain
but instead brought you back
to the same hell cage
and I wish I could know
that you are okay
but you’re lost somewhere
between youth and death
not alive but too alive
and almost dead
you were going to shave your head
and then you chickened out
did you think your thinning hair
was all you had to offer
the beautiful women
you were hoping to snare?

strange how the girls were charmed
but their blindness bothered you
and you drew something like pride
from your blood, that warrior blood
because those girls knew
nothing of the real you
and yet you wanted them to
your ancestry is pure, you say
yeah, you told me twice
a knight without a quest
sinking further into the depths
of another and another
and another and another
the last, you say, the last for a while
you are the mirror
that reflects all of our pains
and our failings
and our weak minds
(or so you think)
you want to live…

but first you want one more drink

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Time is quick, we savour the kiss. I plead with you, raping the mood.

Come to me
, be what I need, 
clutching the bones 
of old and new.

Fear swells while I pick flowers. Trust strays
 with tentative words. Tense seconds turn in
to tender hours.

The lips are wet, the heart hurts. D
esirous demands 
tear the mind apart. 
I’ll sew it up again.
Come with me, 
let’s make a map
, or I may snap 
like a winter twig

Promise you will 
come with me 
before the end of spring. If you can 
learn to love me 
I am offering 
a dream. If you can learn to trust me 
I am offering 
my wings.

The moon 
lights the hidden path 
to a new home. 
I wait to walk it 
with you or alone. 
I wait here for now, hot heart, open mind, 
strong will, green eyes

You may not reach me 
when the time comes
. You may not believe me 
when I say I will run.

But the wind waits for no one, 
so I will leave you a way 
to find me by day, 
but by night my sweetheart
, I’ll lay with someone new. The one who claims my love, 
who wants all of me and more than you.

Come with me, 
let’s make a map
, or I may snap
 like a winter twig

Just promise 
you will come with me, 
I see the end of spring.
If you can 
learn to love me 
I am offering 
a dream

If you can learn to trust me 
I am offering
 my wings.

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wishes drift into the wind
if not planted deeply in soil
a light beam, once a star
fades before night falls

we unwrap our cool white skins
by the autumn afternoon fire
that crackles in the dark room
desire tempts desire

our eyes are heavy horizons
our cheeks blushing in sunset hues
our warm hands entwine
there is time to be still with you

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soft like
his sound
and grand
my sun
he plays
my beat
my flesh
his hands
so sweet

you are
he said
tempting me
those chocolate
those lover’s
deep inside

its spring
he offers
me his
smile his
he licks
the wetness
the rolling
hills, he licks
the fertile

the stars
drinking of
the steam
we dream
of more
to come
we dare
to love
the one
who will
set us

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the woman might evaporate
if she gets the chance
this could end at any point
and that crawling dance
that creeps across her belly
will return once more
like acid raining into her
until she is just a hole
that has been well and truly

the belly ache is rising
the cold air on her cheeks
will not take away the doubt
the burns on her feet
hurt less than this hurt
if she loses his love
she won’t find it again
she is scared to be alone
her disintegration
is all her own

why look for love?
when it never lasts
permanence is an illusion
as much as love
as much as his tongue
if he tests her strength
she will not come
she’ll just evaporate
stay sheltered from the howling winds
the heart-wrenching waves

without him she won’t shrivel
she won’t wither
she will wake up in the night
and as she pisses on his picture
floating in the toilet bowl
she will sleep naked and alone
without his farting ass
to soil her satin sheets
and she will smile
after she weeps

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I want to know you, breathe in you.
You in all your moody swells and multiple personalities are mesmerising.
You have cradled me forever, rocking me while I lie on you, plunge inside you, lose my breath in you and burn my lungs loving you for too long.
I feel safe with you and I know that is wrong.
I lie when I tell the world you won’t hurt me; that I trust you. You could hurt me most cruelly, but I need you more than you need me and that is how it will always be.
I hid from you as a child. Your power shocked me. Your force was ferocious. I feared you and loved you with the exuberance of youth because you fed the thirst of my soul.
My fear dissolved into adoration and a lust to be with you stronger than I had ever felt for any mountain or waterfall or desert night sky.
Unlike me, you will never die.
I grew into you, learnt to know your unpredictable nature. I went as far as I could go with you, deeper, deeper, deeper. Still there was more, more, more of you to explore.
Like a beast that wants to kiss and kills instead, you are what you are and what you are I adore.
You hold the evolution of the world in the memory of your belly.
You run with the moon, reflecting the stars and for all your mystery and colour and beauty and glow, I give you my heart, my whole.
Your depth, your expanse, your wonder are surpassed only by space, but here in this world you are the taste, the smell, of life.
The smell of the blood that cushions the foetus.
The sound of happiness.
You are the ultimate contradiction: a beautiful killer, a dangerous lover, the beginning of the story and the story itself.
You are the music of the world recorded in brine.
You are death, you are life, the ocean, the sea.
You are the amniotic fluid holding the history of humanity.

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Well my shoes, you know
I never wore them in the end
Yeah my feet were fine
Just to take me to my friends
To talk
Just to take my to my friends

And these eyes, of mine
My tools they served me well
They saw what was there, sometimes
Beyond the outer shell
I saw
Beyond the outer shell

The time has come, I find
To leave it all behind
Starlight and sun, shine
Gonna leave it all behind
For a while
Gonna leave it all behind

I’m leaving these trees, now
All my pictures of my sons
Its a new path I take, and how
Oh how I’ll miss my Precious one
This time
Oh how I’ll miss my Precious one

I guess I see the truth, now
I was searching all my life
It’s poetry in light, on this side
Now I leave it all behind
And fly
To this poetry in light

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